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“I am so rusty, I just can’t get this swing right,” Reginald muttered.
“It’s in your hips, Sir.”
Reginald and Arnold turn around.
“Your houseboy seems to think he’s a better golfer than you,” Arnold said, looking amused.
Reginald folded his arms. “My hips?”
“Yes Sir. I know your hips well,” Will said. He was trying not to smile.
Arnold snickered.
“I imagine you do,” Reginald said dryly. He handed the golf club to Will “Fine. Show me what I’m doing wrong.”
“Thank you Sir.” Will stepped up to the square of green. He got into position, squared his feet, swung, and sent the ball flying in a long straight drive across the lawn.
Arnold let out a low whistle.
Reginald looked stunned. “How did you learn to swing like that?”
“Used to work at a golf course,” Will beamed, pleased to have impressed Reginald. “It’s all in the hips. You see how my hips move whole body?” He demonstrated slower. “When you turn Sir, your hips stop, but you’re still twisting your whole upper body. You need to move your whole body and let your hips turn your shoulders.”
“Huh. That makes that much of a difference?” Reginald asked.
“Yes Sir. Stand here please.” Will gestured.
Reginald got into place. Will handed him the club and put his hands on Reginald’s hips. He guided him through the swing. “Move the hips…there you go. Try it now.” Will stood back.

Reginald took another swing. The ball went flying, a bit to the left, but it was much further.
Arnold gave another low whistle. “Damn look at that ball go!”
Reginald stared at where the ball vanished into the distance. “God damn. I got schooled by my houseboy. I guess dad was right – he says people underestimates houseboys.”
Will grinned. “Happy to serve your family Sir in all ways.”
Reginald pointed. “You’re getting rewarded for this when you get home.”
Will beamed.

Captions are fictional.


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