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I LOVE sucking balls 💋

suck it fag

Dmitri put his glass down. “Can I ask you something?”
“Da?” Nik replies.
Dmitri glances around. “I’ve heard a rumor. A rumor about you.”
“A rumor?”
“Yeah. A rumor. I heard you’re can be a bit of a faggot.”
”Why does that matter to you?”
”I’m curious. I like to know what kind of company I keep. And I’m guess you are, cause you’re not denying it.”
Nik stares cooly at Dmitri across the table. “Do you want to know why I am so successful?”
Dmitri shrugs. “Sure.”
“You said the other day that you’re impressed how I have a man for everything. My secret is my approach to success. There is a hierarchy to men, and men like to feel they are at the top. The best way to do that is to suck their cock or let them fuck you. And I happen to enjoy that. Most men like to give, but not receive. I have a gift and I use it to the most of my potential.”

Dmitri looks surprised. “That’s an interesting approach. You are right, I can’t imagine letting any man do that to me. But damn if you’re not right about the other part too, there are definitely some guys I would force to their knees and make them suck my cock out of a sign of respect.”
“But once they do that, and you’ve put them in their place, you feel satisfied that your network is aligned properly yes?”
“If you enjoy it, maybe you want their company more and more. A beneficial network is formed. They take care of you, maybe you take care of them one day.”
Dmitri contemplates this and nods. “Da, da. So you only do stuff with guys if it’s a power move for you?”
“Mmnn. I’m not opposed to do it for fun, but only under some circumstances.”
“Oh, and what are those circumstances?”
Nik smirks and raises his glass. “Alcohol helps. Good company. A big bulge.” He bumps Dmitri’s foot under the table.

Dmitri smirks back. He takes his wallet out and leaves some bills on the table. “Let’s go back to my boat. I want to sunbathe in a bit.”
“Do you wear any clothes when you do that?”
Nik downs the last drops from his glass and sets it on his plate upside down. “Let’s go.”

Captions are fictional.


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