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“Hmmm, yeah I guess it’s fine. If you want to suck my cock go ahead.” He flips back his bathrobe. “Funny. I thought you grew out of this. Guess not. Guess you’ll suck anything won’t you? Man, what would mom and dad say, knowing they have a cockslut for a son.” He snickers. “That was a dirty look you shot me. Fine, I’ll stop talking.” He sips his coffee. “Woah!” he gasps. “Since when did you learn how to deep throat? Fuck you went off to get your Masters and instead got good at this instead huh.” He leans his head back on the chair and half closes his eyes. “Mmnn. Fuck. Actually, I’m going to keep this secret of having a cockslut for a brother to myself.”

Captions are fictional.


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