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“Hello, boy. Looks like you’re my first this afternoon.”
“Y-yes Sir,” Bryce squeaked.
“Are you nervous?”
“You’re very intimidating,” Bryce stammered.
“Intimidating or dominant?” Master Hadid responded.
Bryce swallowed hard.
“Your body screams out to be dominated by me doesn’t it? You can’t keep your eyes off my pouch. You want my cock more than anything.”
Bryce whimpered. “I need it,” he whispered. His cock was dripping on the floor from its steel confines.
“I do think I am going to have to call Master Smith and give him my sympathies again. To have such a beautiful, pliant, horny creature at his feet – the result of all his hard work of keeping you in chastity – and yet, he be unable to reap the rewards when it has come time to milk and clean you. He might be more frustrated than you. How is his hand?”
Bryce raised his eyes from Master Hadid’s crotch to his face. “Healing, thank you. The doctors expect he’ll need another operation to repair the nerves, but right now they want the bones to heal first.”
“He’ll keep his finger yes?”
“Yes, but we’re not sure about the tip of it.”
Master Hadid winced. “Good gracious. Wood working accidents are no joke.”
Bryce shuddered. “No. I heard him screaming so I rushed over to his shop, but he demanded I stay out and not come in. I’m glad he did; I would have fainted.”

“That must have been terrifying, hearing your man calling for help and be unable to do anything beyond calling 911. I imagine when he’s healed you is going to want to reward you for coming to his aid anyway and taking care of him as he heals from his injury.”
Bryce flushed. “Being his boy is reward enough.”
“How absolutely lovely.” Master Hadid walked over to a cabinet and opened the door to consider its contents. “I will have to take the best care of you for him. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way. What should we do after I clean you. Hm. Tell me, sweet boy…have you ever played with wax?

Captions are fictional.


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