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I stand back, observing him observing the painting. He’s standing at-rest in first position, and I hadn’t even told him to stand like that. I desperately want to point it out because it gives me a thrill, but I bite my tongue. I don’t want to stop see him wearing my training instead of his clothes. My eyes roam down his shapely legs, up to the curve of his ass and the slope of his back. It feels nice to see his familiar form in my vision again.
Even three days away on a business trip to Atlanta is too long to be away from my other half.

“It’s really quite fascinating how I feel I can walk into the painting. Like it’s drawing me in, and down the hallway. But I can’t actually tell if it’s a hallway or a mirror. This is really a fascinating painting. And it’s going to look perfect in that empty spot on the wall that’s driving me nuts.” Matt turns towards me and smiles. “Thank you so much, I love it.”
“You’re very welcome. I’m delighted, and relieved, that the effort was worth it.”
“How did you ever get it on the plane?”
“With great difficulty,” I chuckle. “I had to ship it as cargo. They had a parcel service you can use if your package is under 100 pounds. Very relieved the glass didn’t break.”
“As am I. You went through all that hassle to get that home. I really appreciate that. You always bring me the best gifts from your travels, but this – this I wasn’t expecting.”
“I wasn’t expecting it either,” I admit. “I walked by this gallery with some of the guys from the office when we were on our way to a lunch reservation, and it caught my eye. Came back the next day after my meeting. Second I saw it, I knew you’d like it. It has a similar style to the print in the foyer.”
Matt beams. “The fact you even pay attention to stuff like that that floors me. You’re so considerate Sir.” Matt steps over the bubblewrap and walks over to me for a hug. I embrace him, wanting his body heat against me. I kiss him. 

“Are you going to hang it up now?” I ask.
“I’m going to hang up tomorrow.”
“Oh? Why tomorrow?” 
Matt scoffs. “Why? You’ve been out of town for like three days, I’m horny as hell and I’m hoping you’ll fuck me so hard I won’t be able to get out of bed until it’s time to make dinner.”
“God,” I say through my teeth. “You are feisty and I missed it. By the way, do you remember that time we couldn’t wait and I fucked you over the hood of my car last month?”
“Yes, yes I do. Very much. The Lexus logo left an impression on my thigh.”
“I jerked off to that on my business trip.”
He giggles. “Really?”
“Really. To say you make me horny is an understatement. “
Matt press his hand between my legs. “It’s quite silly that only one of us is still wearing clothes. Come up stairs, so I can undress you. You need to be thanked for the painting.”
“How are you going to thank me with sex?”
Matt gives me a devilish look. “While you were gone, I learned some new tricks with my tongue.”
I swallow so hard it’s audible. “Uh. Yeah upstairs – upstairs and undressing is good.” I put my phone on mute and toss it on the couch.

Captions are fictional.


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