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“I don’t want to. I’m not going.”
I put my hands on my hips. “What’s gotten into you? You love these parties. You make good money.”
“I know…”
“The men are expecting you, you’ve become a favorite, you know that.”
Miguel huffs. “You’re buttering me up.”
“It’s the truth. You drive them all crazy.”
“Someone else can drive them crazy. Send Lou or someone.” Miguel is trying to sound as tough as he can, but with his lispy Guatemalan accent he just sounds adorably petulant.
“Lou is already going. What’s going on sweetheart? I know you don’t actually want to miss working a party, tell me what’s really going on.” I sit my bulk down on the ottoman and rest my arms on my thighs.

Miguel sighs and looks away. “If I tell you, you won’t believe me. Or get mad. Or won’t take it seriously.”
“Miguel.” I say sternly. “The safety and health of my boys is the most important thing. I don’t train you to be thrown to the dogs. If there’s a problem with the clientele, I need to know. If you think you can’t talk to me, that kind of worries me actually. Have I been so harsh?”
“No no…not harsh. It’s just.” Miguel gestures with his hand.
“Just what?”
“It’s your brother,” Miguel says softly.
I sit up. “Dominic? This is about Dominic?”
“Yeah,” Miguel won’t meet my gaze.
I furrow my brow. Dominic’s my twin and my best friend. “What’s going on with Dominic?”
“He’s…well, he’s just…kind of creepy,” Miguel admits. “He doesn’t respect boundaries. He stuck a finger in me last week after I told him to keep his hands off my ass.”
“Dominic did that? MY Dominic?”
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me.” Miguel starts to stand up.
I grab his thigh with my large hand and force him back in the chair. “Sit down.
“Yes sir,” Miguel squeaks.
“What else?”
“He drinks too much, and just gets like…handsy. When we are trying to take a break to the side, he always finds one of us and tries to like feel us up. Or get us to blow him. We’re a little worried one day he’s gonna want something and not stop when we say no. He already tried to get Nick to go to a hotel with him, off the books, last week.”
I can scarcely believe the words coming out of Miguel’s mouth. It sends a barb through my heart, and my instinct is to defend my brother and believe him over a runaway-turned-escort. But Miguel has no reason to lie, and if he’s jeopardizing his income I should believe him. Boy has expensive taste.
“Say something,” Miguel pleads.
“This is …a lot to hear.”
“I’m sorry, Sir. You should talk to Nick. And Lou.”
“I’m going to. And don’t apologize. I’ll tell Dominic not to come tonight until I’ve talked to everyone.”
Miguel looks relieved. “Thank you, Sir.”
“How long has this been going on for?”
“He was always handsy while drunk, but in the last two months it’s gotten worse.”
I look Miguel in the eyes. “I’m so sorry you thought you couldn’t talk to me. Come here, you want a hug?”
“Yes,” he admits.
We stand up and share an embrace. I sit on the chair and pull him into my lap. He’s perfectly warm and smells like strawberries. “No other problems?”
Miguel nuzzles me. “Except for Lou sucking at karaoke? No. Mr. Callibro’s cologne always makes me sneeze though.”
I chuckle. “I can’t stand it either.”
“Ha! Maybe I need to get him better cologne.”
“That’s the thinking of a good escort.”
Miguel smiles. “I should go get ready.”
I give him another barrel hug from the back. “Ok. I’m good. Go on now. We leave at  8.”
“Yes Sir.”
I push Miguel up and give his butt a swat as he leaves. Miguel shoots me a coy look over his shoulder on the way out. Yep, that’s the look that drives all the men crazy. I sit in the chair for a moment and digest what he’s told me. The shock is burning away to anger. Now I have to call my brother and break the news to him he can’t come tonight. Probably for the best, as I’d punch him if I saw him in person right now.

I get up with a groan to go talk to Nick. I love my brother, but god help anyone who hurts my boys.

Captions are fictional.


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