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Brett sighs. “It really is pretty.”
“We did a really great job. It looks like something from a department store,” Khalid says.
“I’m glad we used only one color for the lights. Would have been too overwhelming with the ornaments,” Brett comments.
“I agree.”
They watch the lights twinkle.
“Our first Christmas together in our own place,” Brett murmurs.
“Is it selfish of me that I’m kind of glad I shouldn’t travel for Christmas, and so I get to spend it with you?”
“No, cause if it is, that means I’m selfish too.”
Khalid chuckles and kisses Brett on his cheek. “You’re adorable. We can be selfish together.”
“Fine by me. You know, when I was a kid, I told myself I wouldn’t wait to open presents. That I’d open them when I got them. But I see the merit in waiting now.”
“The presents are part of the decoration,” Khalid says.
“Huh. That’s definitely true. But now like, as adults, the fun of Christmas is watching people open stuff you got for them. Like I’m going mental trying not to tell you what I got you.”
Khalid points to a package. “Well that one is definitely a vinyl, based on the wrapping.”
“Yesss but I can’t tell you which one!” Brett whines.
“You better not. I want it to be a surprise.”
Brett pats him on the arm. “You will be.”

Khalid looks at Brett. “I can see the lights in your eyes.”
“You can?”
“Yeah…” Khalid cups Brett’s jaw. “We shouldn’t forget that the most beautiful things are right in front of us.”
Brett blushes and leans into the kiss from his boyfriend. “Khalid-” He sighs softly and accepts another. “Mn, I can taste the peppermint marshmallows from the hot chocolate…”
“Can you?”
“Yeah. Mn don’t stop.”
Khalid cups the back of Brett’s head and deepens the intensity of the kiss. Brett puts his hand on Khalid’s chest. Khalid pulls back, a confused look on his face. Brett smiles as he extracts himself from Khalid’s embrace. He stands up and takes a step back so he can sit on the soft. He leans back across it long-way, and crooks a finger in Khalid’s direction.
A look of understanding appears on Khalid’s face, and it darkens into lust and desire. He stands up and climbs over Brett’s supine post to straddle his legs. He returns to kissing Brett as the classical music plays in the background. Even if there isn’t much under the tree this year, it doesn’t matter at all. What Khalid wants most is under him, not the tree.

Captions are fictional.


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