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Gavin stopped on the stoop of his house. “Oh my god.”
“There you are. Good mornin!”
“What the…Khan, it’s 7:30 in the morning. Have you been up all night?”
“Yeah baby. The parties in Miami don’t stop!”
Gavin walked down the pathway to the sidewalk, his ankle boots making tapping noises on the cement as he walked. His face was a mask of astonishment. “Oh my god, Khan. Where are your pants? Children live in this neighborhood…”
“I was at a pool party last, no pants needed. This jacket makes all the statement I need.”
Gavin put his fingers over his mouth and took in the scene, cause it was a scene. “Khan. You need to go home and sleep this off. You’re trashed.”
“Nah, baby, I have to tell you something. That I love you so fuckin’ much. All these hot guys, these club guys – they ain’t got nothing on you. I’ve been thinkin’ about you all night, seeing your face on everyone in the room. Imagine you cuddling up to me, nuzzling my shoulder of his fuzzy coat… I want to be with you. I want you to be there when I’m home.”
Gavin sighed softly. “Khan. We hooked up a couple times. We had a spark. But I don’t date people who sell drugs.”
“Baby~ I told you it’s day trading.”
“Funny. The markets open at 9:30 am, and you are always asleep at that time.”
Khan made a tsk noise and looked away.
“Look, you’re hot, you’re hung. The sex was amazing. But you’re reckless. And you ain’t straight with me.” Gavin pointed at himself. “I’m not some stupid, hot piece of ass, gold diggin’ ho, whose dick overrides their brain. I’m embarrassed I gave you I gave you that impression enough that you’d think this little stunt would work, cause it clearly has on others before.”
Khan opened his mouth and held up his hands, but Gavin held up a manicured finger. “It’s 7:30 in the morning. You need to go to bed. I need to go work. You want to date me, you better work on yourself first.”

Gavin turned down the sidewalk and up his driveway. He heard applause and was startled to see his neighbor standing on the porch holding a chancla. “You tell him, Gavey! You want me to throw this at him?”
Gavin turned red. “No, Mama Maria, but thank you. He’s going now.”
“Oh come on Gavin,” Khan pleaded. “Think about it at least! Let’s just go out, I’ll work on myself, we can talk it through!”
Gavin stopped with his hand on his car. “I’ll think about you when I need a one night stand. But that’s all.” And then he got into his car and backed out.

At a red light, Gavin exhaled and tilted his head back. Hard to leave such a beautiful man and such a nice cock behind. Good sex wasn’t worth that drama though. “Guess this club boy has finally grown up.” Gavin felt a bit sad about that and changed the music to Daft Punk. “This club boy still has good taste in music at least.”

One week later, Gavin met the man he would eventually marry. He was, actually, a day trader, and owned a lovely pink cardigan.

Captions are fictional. I like the jacket tbh.


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