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“That’s a point! Woohoo! Off with those underwear. Let me see that sweet hot body of yours in the buff.”
“Ah, my fault.” Jackson sighs. He sits down and pushes those underwear off. “You really like lookin don’t you?”
I licked my lips. “You’re fucking hot and got a nice bulge, of course I’m gonna stare. Why do you think I like playing for stripping so much?”
Jackson sets his underwear on the bench with the rest of his clothes. “Cause you’re a horny fucker.”
I laugh. “That’s true. But luckily you won’t have to be embarrassed for long. Two more points and this game is mine.”
Jackson got an odd smirk on his face. “We’ll see about that.”
“What do you mean? You lost so much you’re naked! I still got my shorts on.”

What I did not know is that Jackson set me up. He completely destroyed me over the next few plays. I of course, was too distracted by his bare cock and balls, and his plays were sharp and vicious. I began to lose points, until the game was close – and soon I was naked and a loser! My pride was hurt, but I was almost impressed.

“Goddammit Jackson. You play dirty.” I took a swig of water.
“I like it dirty. And I like being naked.”
“Does that mean you’re gonna let me have you in the bathroom after this?”
Jackson raises an eyebrow. “I’m going to have you. You lost. Your ass is mine.”
I stammered, but I couldn’t come up with a decent rebuttal!

Captions are fictional.


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