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Parker wasn’t super sure about dating a merman at first. They had a reputation for being so demanding, and so very needy. Seafood only diets weren’t cheap either! Better than feeding vampires though. Still.
Parker couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of a naked man run into the surf – which had to be freezing, Jesus christ – and dive in. A moment later, the silhouette changed into the fish shape. Parker heard a distant cry of pleasure mixed in with roar of the waves. Must be so liberating, but poor guy – he’d been so grouchy and itchy lately. At least this way he could rub against the sand and finish molting his scales.

Despite his boyfriend’s many needs, and the large water bill, Parker’d never been happier. He thought back to a few days ago, when they stayed up late – Parker braiding his boyfriend’s hair, making love until 3 am. Apparently mermen get needy before they start molting – who knew? At five months into the relationship, there was still a lot to discover. And many more trips to the ocean to be had.

Parker let him swim. He went to fill two buckets with fresh water for his boyfriend to rinse off with later, and he also checked the cooler full of ice. Supposedly there’d be fresh fish for dinner if the hunt went well. He rubbed his shoulders and numb hands and went back inside the camper to finish repairing that laptop he was fixing. The merman would be in the sea for a while. No need to stand out in the cold barefoot.

Inside the camper, Parker made himself some coffee. He sat at the table and gazed at the window at the broody sea under the slate sky. No sign of his man. But at some point, he’d walk out of the surf…naked…dripping…scales gleaming and freshly polished. His skin would taste of sea water. Muscles would be strong and exercised. His kiss would be hot. No doubt he would pin Parker down and overwhelm him with his dominance and marine scent…

It took Parker a moment to realize he was rubbing his cock through his thermal layer. There was a wet spot. He coughed and undid the buttons before shoving his hand inside, seeking his throbbing and leaking cock. Fuck he hoped no one would be looking in the windows!

Where was he? Oh yeah… being dominated by a successful hunter…

Captions are fictional. Fantasy!


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