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“Where is iiiiiitttt~” Rocket whined and pawed. Kip watched in awe as Rocket pulled out Kip’s missing sandal. Then his other one. Then a third shoe. And a fourth. And a pair of his orange work out pants Kip assumed he’d left at the gym a week ago. “Well I’ll be damned.”
Rocket froze. He looked over his shoulder, a wide eyed look of guilt on his face.
“This is where you’ve hiding stuff you’re pilfered. You bad puppy.”
Rocket lowered himself to the floor and whimpered.
“Couldn’t find your ball huh?” Rocket shook his head.
“Cause it came out the other side of the bed. I can see it in the corner from here.”
Rocket groaned.
“Busted for no reason huh?” Kip picked up his pants. They smelled of sweat and… “Have you been humping my pants?”
Rocket tried to slink under the bed.
“Nooo you come back out. Heel. Heel. Good boy. Well, good bad boy. You are getting some crate time while I figure out what else is hidden under here. Come.”
Rocket sighed and begrudgingly followed Kip to the kitchen where he was instructed inside his crate. Kip gave him his ball at least, and shut the door. “Bad pup. Hour time out.” Rocket whimpered.

Kip went to dig out under the bed and discovered a bevy of socks and underwear, the remote to the old TV that was chewed up, a bottle of lube that Rocket did not like, a couple of stuffed animals he did like, a dirty pillowcase with jizz stains on it, and an old pair of Kip’s jeans that he thought went off for donation – also with jizz stains.
Kip sighed. How long had his pup been doing this? Sneaky boy! It was definitely time to put him in chastity or something… although if he did, Kip would probably have to deal with Rocket sneaking off to leak on stuff he’d hump. Maybe it would be better to forbid masturbation and just milk him more often. Or maybe lock him up but milk him often.

Kip scratched the back of his head. Regardless of that dilemma, first order of business was washing all this stuff. He had an entire wash and dry cycle to figure out how to punish his boy – but it would for sure result in Rocket having a ruined orgasm and a sore ass, that was for sure.

Captions are fictional.


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