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Wally stood on the driveway path and tucked his thumbs under his overalls. He was hesitant to get a houseboy at first. He just did not understand their need to serve. The idea of having someone bossing him around made his hackles raise. But his brother Bob had been insisting Wally needed some help around the farm for a while now; but ever since Wally broke his leg falling out of the hayloft, Bob had made it a zero-argument matter. Wally couldn’t be very mobile around the farm on crutches. Even on horse back, he still faced limitations as you use your legs to guide a horse. Once the cast came off, Wally still had to go to physical rehabilitation. Normalcy was a long way off. The ranch hands helped, but with every one of his own tasks taking longer, Wally had to admit that he needed someone to fill in the smaller tasks so he could focus on running his business.

In theory, it made sense although Wally still did not understand houseboys at all. They were sort of like a different species, kind of like hiring a man to be your wife. Wally wasn’t into women though so it looked smart on paper at least.
But as Wally stood there taking in the sight of all the old furniture on the lawn, he was now more confused than ever. The houseboy emerged to drop off another chair.
“Boy, what in tarnation as you doing?” He yelled as he slowly ambled toward the barn.
The houseboy looked up at him. “Cleaning out your barn, Sir.”
“I didn’t give you permission to do that!”
“Well, no, but all that clutter up there is what caused your fall right? And some furniture was sort of blocking the stairs. It’s not safe. I want to make it safe for you Sir.”

Wally was dumbstruck. He couldn’t think of an answer, but remembered his manners. “Well – well uh. That’s mighty thoughtful of you.”
The houseboy smiled. “It’s my pleasure, Sir.”
Wally wished he had his pipe to chew on. “Well. I suppose it’s necessary. But where we going to put it all?”
“If I may make a suggestion Sir?”
“It looks like a lot of this has been here a while. Some of it is rusted, broken. None of it matches.”
Wally nodded. “My daddy was a bit of a collector you could say.”
”Well. You could get some money for some of this as scrap. Or sell some as it is. You have some old vintage oil cans in there that some antique collectors go nuts for.”
“Really now?”
“Really. Plus with this space cleared out, we could do a good barn clean out – sweep, remove the cobwebs, check for rot, check the supports. Get your beautiful old barn a new coat of paint.”
Wally liked that idea. He thought the peeling paint was an eyesore.
“Plus, um, I heard you talkin’ about getting another horse. You could probably use that money to buy one. But I’m not um, telling you how to use your finances. Of course.”

Wally licked his lip. “Well. You gotta good head on your shoulders. There’s a few things I want to keep. Pull everything out and we’ll go over it. Then make your calls.”
The houseboy beamed. “I will Sir!”
“And whatever we sell, you get 25% of it. Deal?”
“Oh wow, thank you Sir! Thank you very much.”

Wally was startled by the brilliant look of total adoration on the boy’s face. The sun came out and the sweat on his pectorals and biceps glowed. It gave Wally an odd feeling in his gut. A feeling he rarely got familiar with, being alone in a rural area. A feeling he had forgot since his accident, since being on all the medication. Maybe it was cause the houseboy was shirtless and just in jeans and boots, but oh lordy, the feeling sure was coming on hard now. Wally swallowed and his Adam’s apple bobbed.
“It’s only fair,” he managed. “I am gonna go get you something to drink. Be careful, boy.”
“Yes sir, and thank you. Hydration would be great.” The houseboy nodded and got back to work.

Wally limped back to his house as fast as his busted, cast encased leg could take him. He collapsed into a rocking chair in the living room, sweating and heart racing. Wally reached into his overalls and found his penis. To his astonishment it was completely erect in his hand, and it was already leaking all over his underwear. The overalls created a tight, suffocating space, but there was no zipper in place. Wally debated unhooking the straps and shimmying of the one-piece, but he didn’t want to pull his hand away from his cock. It felt so good. Wally moaned as he stroked himself. The sensation made him dizzy and little dots flashed in front of his eyes. Oh, gods, it felt amazing. When was the last time he did this? Why did he stop? He closed his eyes and imagined that shirtless, sweaty houseboy and Wally’s balls just went off like shotgun blasts.
He let out a gargle as his hand and thighs cramped to the point of pain and his vision flashed black for a moment. His penis began to fout and wouldn’t stop until Wally felt just utterly soaked. When Wally pulled his hand off, it was so sticky. He was shaking all over and Wally began to fear he had a heart attack. No. It was passing now. Wally let his hand rest on his heaving belly, mess and all, and he and drifted in and out of consciousness.

As the ferocious lust ebbed away, Wally felt an odd sort of calm and peace set in. He thought back to when he was stuck in that barn with a broken leg in searing agony, all alone, trying to ignore the realization that he might not be found for a while. It was a lonely feeling. The ache was almost worse than the pain. In reality, it had probably been no more than twenty minutes before one of the ranch hands pulled up in his truck after returning from errands, and Wally’s shouts reached him – but that wait felt like hours.

Wally didn’t want to die alone in a barn. He didn’t want to die alone at the end either. But mostly…he didn’t want to be alone period. He missed companionship. He missed affection. He missed sex. It was not enough to wait until the farm auctions in Forth Worth anymore for that special kind of intimacy that cowboys never talk about.
It dawned upon Wally that maybe Bob had gotten him a houseboy for other reasons than making breakfast and arranging garage, er, barn sales. He sighed. Dammit, Bob was actually right about something for once in his life. He’d get all smug about it too.

Regardless, having that houseboy around was going to be a start of something new and fantastic. Especially if he remained shirtless.

Oh crap, Wally realized, he was supposed to bring some water out wasn’t he? Wally pulled out his hand from his overalls and gawked at the cum on it. “Jeee-zus!”

Captions are fictional.


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