Can I write you a caption and you find a good picture to match? You don’t have to credit me, but I do want it on your blog. Have a lovely day!

Hello. Thank you for writing. I’ve found it to be very difficult to find photos to match captions, and I’ve spent hours looking for a photo and not finding it. If you ever see photos of like cake or nature shots on my Tumblr, that’s why I use them lol instead.

This is because people don’t always use the most descriptive hashtags on Tumblr. While I may find many photos of men in underwear, for example, finding a photo of a Hispanic guy wearing a jockstrap with his back to me in the kitchen is nearly impossible. And Google image search is so polluted with Pinterest feeds (and Tumblr dead-ends) that I don’t look for photos anymore.

I encourage you to post the caption to your Tumblr and I’ll reblog it. How’s that?


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