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Dave bounced on the tumbling floor of the gym, trying to loosen up his calves a bit. He watched Aaron walk to the mat wearing these pure white shorts that matched well with his peach skin and tousled red hair. The sun hit him just right as he stretched, throwing sunbeams against the curves of his muscles. Such health, such vigor…such glowing skin and bulging arms….
“Hey Dave, are you coming out for food n stuff afterwards?… Dave…? Buddy?”
Dave gulped. “Oh shit.”
Aaron looked confused. “What?”
“Oh fuck shit.”
“I just realized I’m gay. Like totally gay.”
Aaron lowered his arms. He looked behind himself, then back at Dave. “What just happened here?”
“I don’t know. You just made me realize I’m gay.”
“I’m sorry what?”
“I don’t know. It just…hit me.” Dave looked at his hands. “Damn.”
“…You didn’t know? Buddy we all knew.”
it was Dave’s turn to stare. “I’m sorry what?”
“Dude you didn’t know?”
“You knew?”
“I thought you knew!” Aaron said.
“I didn’t!”
“Also what on earth brought this on?”
Dave blushed. “You and your…stretching thing.”
“Me?” he squeaked.
“Uh, thanks, I think?”
“I should be thanking you. I feel so much clarity right now.”
“Good for you buddy. Are you gonna use the floor or can I do some passes?”
Dave waved him into the mat. “Yeah go for it.” He went to sit down on the bench. “Hey Aaron?”
“How did you all know?”
Aaron grinned. “You stare at our butts more than the girls.”
Dave groaned and buried his face in his hands.

Captions are fictional. This is a gymnastics scenario, if it wasn’t explained clearly enough.


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