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“There’s a vintage that comes with age and experience.”

Jon Bon Jovi

“What? is it the lighting?”
Courtney looks up from her camera and makes a face. “No. The photos look like catalogue shoots. These are your engagement shots! You want to feel the love. All I’m feeling right now is a jeans commercial.”
Brandon looks at his fiance and then at Courtney. “Should we move to a new location?”
“Hmm… no I like this location,” she replies, “And the lighting. And the angle. We just need more of an interaction between you guys, I think. Something not so static.”
Kent looks at Brandon. “So…what does that mean?”
Brandon thought. “We could do that stupid game your brother does with his kids.”
“Which one?”
“The got-your-hands thing.”
Kent chuffed through his nose. “That’s for kids.”
“Oh what you think you can beat me?”
“We are not doing this.”
“Ok fine,” Brandon said. He grabbed Kent’s hands with his own. “Fine, get out of my grip then.”
“I can get out fine! I mean …I could… hey let go!” Kent insisted.

Courtney watched them basically wrestle sitting down. Every time Kent pulled his hands out, Brandon grabbed him back, and Brandon had one hell of a grip. Kent was not prepared for Brandon to have a tactic – twisting the fingers together made it hard to pull away. It got silly fast. They were too busy to notice the camera whirring as the shutter speed fired.

“Let goooo!”
“Ok fine, tables are turning, now I’m on offense!” Kent shouted.
“Oh god no, you have a way stronger grip!”
“Too bad!”

Captions are fictional.


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