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Georgie read the message and huffed. The fourth message came in. “Maybe”. He was tired of dealing with boy, this supposedly straight boy who couldn’t make up his mind about Georgie. Georgie was starting to think being toyed with was worse than being flat out rejected. So Georgie texted back: Don’t insult me with your maybes. I’m hot and sexy and very fuckable. Men grab my ass ALL THE TIME at the Abbey. You can kiss and cuddle me, but don’t lead me on.
Then he hit the ‘send’ button with a harumph, and went to make his protein shake.

Georgie was surprised that Walter texted him back – and he was really surprised at the content!:
Ok ok, I’m sorry. You’re right. It’s not fair. The truth is, I want to do those thing to you in reverse order. I want to fuck you, then kiss you, and cuddle you. I just…I don’t understand why, and some part of me in my head is ashamed of it and can’t move forward.
Then another message: I think I was just hoping you’d take the initiative, but I realized that was unfair of me and stupid. I just…need some patience. Please?

Georgie’s heart melted. “Aww poor little bi boy is so confused. Straightness corrupted his brain. And he does want to fuck me! And he wants me to be his first!” Georgie clutched his phone to his chest and sighed. “Be still my heart! Ok ok what do I tell him mmm.”
Georgie texted back: I was really floored by your confession. You’re right, it wasn’t fair, and I wasn’t ever going to force myself on you and just magically hope you’d like it. Also if you’re struggling, the LGBT Center off Selma Ave has sliding-scale therapy for people coming out. If you want to go talk to them…I’ll wait.

The response came back: Please wait.
Georgie swooned into a chair. “Walter is such a romantic!” He couldn’t help it. He was charmed. Georgie typed a response and hit send: Waiting.

The next day, the confused lad sent Georgie a photo of the LGBT Support Center. Georgie cupped his cheek and aww’ed. “Oh bless him, he’s really trying. Keep this up Walter and I’m so gonna fall for you harder!”

Captions are fictional.


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