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Joey knocked.
“Come in,” said a burly voice.
“Thank you Sir,” Joey replied. He entered the room, filled Darren’s glass with fresh filtered water, which was just a centimeter from being empty.
“Thank you much boy. Very thoughtful.”
“Of course Sir. May I bring you a snack or anything?“
“No thank you, boy. I’ll be eating a banana and having a protein shake before the gym later, so I’ll do that then.”
“Of course. How are your stocks Sir?”
“Looking good,” Darren said with a smile. “But I’d rather look at you. You are shaping up beautifully, boy.”
Joey turned pink. “Thank you Sir. I feel very inadequate next to you, but it’s…inspirational.”
“Aw. That’s kind of you to say so boy. One day you’ll be able to out bench me. One day.”
Joey raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Not in this life!”
“Oh you will,” Darren said, slapping Joey’s solid ass.
Darren moved his hand up Joey’s thigh, admiring the taut muscle under neath. His hand slid upwards to brush over Joey’s bulge before letting it fall away. “Such good progress.”
“Thank you, Sir,” Joey stammered.
“Good boy now. I gotta finish my analysis now. See you down in the kitchen later.”
“Yes sir!” Joey said. He bowed in respect and left.

Joey’s heart was fluttering the whole time he bounced down the stairs. He’d met Darren in the gym. Darren was his mentor, his Sir, the first stud to claim him and fuck him in the locker room. He worshiped Darren and all his hot muscles – and his very nice thick cock. To think one day he’d eclipse Darren was a crazy thought. Joey flexed. Still not nearly as big as Darren. One day at a time. He hoped it didn’t happen too fast though. He liked being a boy in service and having a gym buddy.

Captions are 100% fictional. Source is here. This guy is really beefy. Check out his Tumblr that I just linked. He has his own calender.


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