This just sucks.

Also forgot to state that the adorable boy sleeping in my header is Nobley as well.

This feels like a bad dream 🙁 Europe is like eight hours ahead or something, so by the time I get up tomorrow I feel like there may be more updates and perhaps a way we can contribute to Nick or Nobley’s family. I’m not posting tomorrow. It’s inappropriate to be posting while everyone grieves – and I don’t feel like I could write anyway.

Everyone reach out to your friends and make sure we’re all doing OK. Our community is strong. There’s a #pawsforNobley hashtag on Twitter right now to bring awareness of his loss. You may also see the hashtag  #AlleHondeGgaanNarDeHemel (or Alle Honden Gaan Nar de Hemel) which is Dutch for ‘all dogs go to heaven’.

PS: If you are in London, some pups are having a get-together on December 5 ‘in honor of Nobley’.


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