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“Good morning.”
“Oh there you are. I was wondering where you went. I woke up, and the bed was empty.”
“Aww, don’t pout. I went to put on the coffee pot,” Damien replied.
“Mmn, coffee.”
“And look, I brought a friend,” Damien said with a smile, holding up Dustball.
“Aww you brought the chinchilla! Aw come here, baby, daddy wants to say hi,” Tristan cooed, holding out his hands.
Damien passed him their pet and Tristan snuggled the little fuzzball to his bare chest. “Aw you are so cute. Good morning.” He gave the chinchilla a kiss.
“What?” Damien said, “I don’t get one?”
“You made me wake up with a empty bed,” Tristan teased.
Damien scoffed and crawled back in. “Am I such a bad boyfriend that I wanted to kiss you with a clean mouth?”
“That’s nice of you, but I’m gonna get it dirty again. Get over here.” Tristan leaned forward and pushed against Damien for a deep, morning kiss.
“Mmnn….mmnnnn…oh god you are so good at this,” Damien chuckled.
“Cause you got the best lips, I swear,” Tristan replied. For a moment he forgot he was holding the chinchilla, until Dustball begin to squirm.
“Oh, I think our baby wants his breakfast,” Tristan noted, pulling away regretfully..
“I want breakfast,” Damien replied.
“So do I but…”
“But what?” Damien asked.
“Fuck me before coffee?” Tristan begged, reaching forward to rub Damien’s half mast erection under the sheets.
Damien moaned softly. “You fucking bet I will. Go feed your baby, then bring me the lube.”
“We can’t just…do it first?” Tristan asked, distracted.
“You want Dustball to watch us having sex?” Damien asked.
Tristan looked down at the thing, and made a face. “Ookkaay Dustball let’s go get your breakfast.”
Damien laughed. “Bring coffee when you come back! I got the lube right here.”

Captions are fictional. Lol, that chinchilla, wth.


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