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“You’re really tense. You’re nervous, maybe a bit scared.”
Let me tell something – you’re thinking too hard. You’re thinking about the what-ifs, the whys, the maybes. Just think about the now.”
I slide my hand down over his pectorals, brushing his nipple with my hand. He abruptly stops talking. “I can’t stand it anymore. You’ve been looking at me with this hunger in your eyes for years. You were too young before, barely 16, and I thought it would pass. Lusting after your friend’s older brother must have confused the heck out of you.”
“David-” Adin stammered.
“And I thought those feelings would pass. But look at you, on summer leave from college, and the hunger is still there. I don’t think you really love me. I think there’s just this one unturned stone you need to turn before you go back to college. So let’s turn it.”
He’s quiet again. “Does Brian know?”
“No, he doesn’t. If you want to tell my little brother that you’re gay, or bi, you can do it on your own. This isn’t about him. This is about you.”
“Me,” Adin repeats, sounding a bit distant.
I kiss his shoulder. “Yes. Would you at least, let me wash you?”

Another moment of silence, then he passes the soap over his shoulder. I smile. “Thank you.” I begin washing his back, his shoulders, his arms. I don’t linger too long on his ass, although I want to, and instead scrub every curve of his legs and feet. When I tell him to turn, he does. I start from the top again, moving the soap over his chest. I’m fascinated by how much he’s developed in two years of being at university. He’s turning into a man. There’s even a trace of abs… I watch the soapy water run into the light dusting of hair above his crotch. I move my hand down his stomach, and pause right before.
“Is it ok if I don’t stop?” I whisper.
After a moment, Adin rewards me with the briefest of nods. I smile. “Thank you.” I dip my fingers down, lathering up his fuzz. He makes a sharp inhale, and is watching me intentively. Without making a fuss, I gently hold and wash his cock and his balls, being tender and not squeezing too hard. I’m a bit surprised when Adin’s cock starts hardening before my eyes.
I watch it, fascinated. Then, I hear Adin say in a quaky voice. “You don’t have to stop if you don’t want to.”

Poor boy. He wants it so bad but is just too scared to scream out what he wants. I bet he would love it if I push himed against the wall and fucked his brains out. I bet he always wanted me to be his first. But…baby steps. I tell him thank you again, and wrap my fingers around his cock. It’s cut, and tight and hard. I give him a few practice strokes, and Adin begins to moan right away. I pressed up against him, rubbing my cock against his ass, while I stroke him. Adin’s body feels hot against me. I stroke him more eagerly and he pushes into my hand. I’m glad he can’t see me smiling.

I don’t say a word, as not to disturb his very sensitive moment of need. I just stroke and pet and cup and make it as pleasurable for him as possible. Adin ejaculates without a warning, and it seems to surprise even him. I wring him out, emptying all his backed up cum down the shower drain.

We don’t say much after. We finish washing, and drying up. Adin asks to dry me, and moisturize me, I love every second of it. I tell him not to worry about my erection. That shower was about him. He gives me an adorable smile, and goes to make us lunch.

That evening, Adin texted me. “…Can I come over? I can’t sleep.”
You bet I said yes. I got to wring him out again that night. And this time, he returned the favor.

Captions are fictional.


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