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Nailed it.

“…Does that mean I still have to get out of bed? Things are pretty ace right now.”
“Mn. Eventually. But it doesn’t matter where we are, I will still love you. Close by, or from a distance, across the table, or cuddled up to you in bed – I will still be loving you. And you take that love, and wear it like armor, ok? And no matter how shitty your day is, it’s just D4 damage. It’ll roll right off.”
I chuckle. “Nerdy and completely sweet. So like you, Atherton. You make my heart just hurt with how much I love you. “
“I’m sorry. If I kiss you more, will it make it stop hurting?’”
“Nmmn no, I like this feeling. But you can keep kissing me anyway…”
“Well, if I must…”

Captions are fictional. What series is this from? D4 damage is a reference to Dungeons and Dragons, referring to damage done from a small object.


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