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“Oh hey look at this.”
“What?” Luke grunts, walking over to where his friend Sam is disrobing their latest catch. He stands over the two, chewing his sandwich.
“He’s wearing these grocery store sweatpants, yet he’s wearing this Ambercrombie boxer briefs with these stars on them.”
Luke snorts. “Not one for fashion. They’re kind of cute though.”
“Yeah, they kind of are. Not smuggling a lot in there though,” Sam says with a snicker.
“Good. Hate when my property has bigger dicks than me.”
“You hate when anyone has a bigger dick than you,” Sam reminded.
Luke made a face as he chewed his food of begrudging acceptance.

“Well, guess I should cut them off now.”
“It’s kind of be a shame to ruin good underwear like that though,” Luke noted.
“He’s still out though right?”
“Yeah,” Sam replied. “Gave him a good dose. That last one woke up too early and I cut him doing this, so don’t want that to happen again.”
“Well, I’ll help with his feet and we’ll take em off ok?”
Sam agreed.

Luke shoved the rest of his baloney sandwich in his face and helped Sam with the boy’s feet. They stripped his underwear off, then pulled it off his ankles. “There,” Sam said, holding the fabric in his hand. “…God he’s got like two inches soft there. Hope he’s a grower.”
“Not too much of a grower,” Luke noted. “Can I see those a minute?”
“Sure,” Sam said, tossing them to Luke.

Luke caught them. “Thanks for the new underwear,” he grinned, getting up and walking away with them.
“Hey,” Sam laughed. “Your cock won’t fit in there!”
“If it doesn’t you can have them back,” Luke retorted.

Sam shook his head at Luke’s antics. Well, the boy was stripped now and the fun could begin. At least, while it lasted. You could only make a career out of kidnapping boys of the internet to fulfill their fantasies for so long. Sam got up with a groan as his knees cracked, then went over to a small table where he picked up a stopwatch and started it. Hopefully he’d get two days in before the police got up his ass. That Detective Halpern in particular needed a really good lay. 

“Hey Luke, what kind of underwear do you think Halpern wears?”
“Oh, tighty whities for sure,” Luke said with a laugh. “Fruit of the Loom.”
Sam laughed back. “God I can totally picture that.”

A moan came from the floor. “Oh hey,” Sam said cheerfully. “Star Boy is waking up.”

Captions are fictional.


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