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“Are you taking a picture of my abs?” Ezra asks.
“Maybe,” I respond, teasing him a little. “All the pictures of the lake will look the same, but you’re hot at every angle.”
“oh come off it!” Ezra laughs, “I am not. I’m just a skinny nerdy, Jewish guy. I’m pre-med even!”
“Who says skinny Jewish medical nerds can’t be hot?”
“Me?” Ezra says.
“Don’t they teach you anything in Hebrew school?” I tsk. “Here, pose on the back of the boat so I can get you and the lake in on one shot.”
“Ok ok,” Eztra says.
I smile. Our third date is going really well. He’s a fun guy, and I had enough photos of those abs to keep my spank bank full for a while. I watch as he poses like a pin-up girl. “That’s a hell of a shot!” I flash him a thumps up and fire a few frames from my DSLR.
“Come show me what they look like,” Ezra says.
I walk over to the back of my boat and show him the viewfinder.
“Oh god,” Ezra groans with a laugh. “I look ridiculous. And skinny. And I have that weird fur thing on top of my chest.“
I scoff. “Nonsense. You need to embrace your inner otter.”
Ezra snorts. “My what?”
“Your inner otter. Skinny, fuzzy, and gay.”
“…well I am all those things.”
“Oh, and something else too,” I note, setting my camera aside.
I grin and pull his sunglasses of his face. “Otters also like water.” And then I shove him into the lake.

When Ezra surfaces, I’m laughing my ass off. He sputters, looking pissed and amused at the same time. “HEY!” he shouts.
“Bet you feel nice and cool now huh?”
“Yes, but that isn’t the point!” he insists, trying to be mad but laughing despite himself. “You pushed me in, you conniving bastard.”
“I did,” I say, giving him a hand back into the boat. “But it was for a noble purpose.”

Ezra raises an eyebrow, not believing me. “Uh huh. What purpose is that?”
“Why Ezra, can’t you tell? I’m a sexually deviant older gay man with a crush on you.”
He blushes appropriately.
“I just wanted an excuse to get you to change out of your shorts and maybe see you naked.”
Ezra can’t stop grinning. “You want to see ME naked?”
“Been wanting you since the moment I saw you. By the way, if you hadn’t told me your religion, I could tell through your shorts already.”

Ezra looks down, blushes, and covers himself with a shy laugh. “It’s so weird to have a guy be so in to me.”
“Why?” I ask, genuinely curious. I hand him a towel, and use the excuse of giving it to him to give him a kiss too.
“Cause…I’m well, you know. Not a hot piece of beefcake like you.”
Now it was my turn to feel shy. “You think I’m beefcake?”
“Meat and more meat,” Ezra says.
“Well that’s kind of you to say. Most people can’t get over the fact I’m a ginger and date me like I"m a novelty.”
“Speaking of that,” Ezra says. “If I get naked…you get naked. I’ve been dying to know if you got freckles down there too.”

I perk up at his offer. He’s interested! “Oh baby, that is a yes. I got them on my balls even.”
Ezra gasps. “Ball freckles are a thing?”
“Yeah baby.”
Ezra’s got a half chub in his boxers. “Alright, big boy. Sit down.”
“Sit down?” I repeat.
“Yeah,” he says. “You wanna watch me take my boxers off? You’re gonna get a show.”

I lick my lips and sit my ass in the chair. I can’t believe how well the date is going! Ezra shakes his butt to some pop music playing over the boat’s speakers. He then turns his back to me, and slooowly slides those wet shorts down, revealing his peach-white ass. A bit furry too. Perfect. He’s got surprisingly good control over his hips. Hell yes. He then wiggles up, turns around, and slowly works them down until – there it is, I can see the base! And I then I get the money shot, full view of Ezra’s cut cock bouncing between his legs.

“Fuck yes,” I murmur, biting my knuckle. “Drop those shorts, baby.” And he does. He’s also blushing all over.
“Good?” he asks, hopeful.
“SO good,” I reply, unable to sit still anymore. I get up and walk to him, wrapping my hands around his waist. I pull our crotches together and our lips meet a second later. He tastes a bit like lake water, but his mouth is warm and inviting. I plunder him until he starts to harden against my thigh.
We break for air, and Ezra nuzzles my ear. “Your turn.”
“My turn wha?” I say, blood pounding in my head.
“Shorts. Off. I wanna count freckles.”
I moan. “Fingers or tongue?”
Ezra’s eyebrows go up again. “Fingers now…tongue on another date.”
“I get another date?” I ask, hoping what I heard was right.
“Looks that way,” Ezra teases. He kisses me again. “I haven’t had a second date go this well, never mind a third…”
“Would it help to keep kissing you?”
“Oh it would. very much so.”
So I did, until my cock got hard, and then I let Ezra take my shorts off for me. Turns out I have 17 freckles on my balls.

Captions are fictional. Thanks for the submission!


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