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I just posted that someone is again reblogging a post of mine that was believed to be erroneously real as it originally lacked the ‘fictional’ disclaimer. Shortly after, I received a couple wonderful messages of support:

“The story was real. It did not factually describe the photograph it accompanied, but it was true for thousands and thousands of people who had experienced it. Don’t forget that.”


“Please please please don’t apologize for that old holidays post sans disclaimer. It may have been written as fiction but I’d bet it’s a sad reality for many of us. Your work touches hearts; please don’t ever feel like it needs an apology.”

I just want to say that this is very sweet, and I was really touched by the support. It’s a relief too. I’ve mentioned this before, but being a writer on Tumblr is weird because you receive very little feedback. I’m pretty sure most of my readers are lurkers. So, thank you.
It hurts to know people are still being prosecuted for their sexuality – probably someone who reads this right now is experiencing that. I feel helpless that I can’t help more. Next time you feel like making a charitable donation, please consider helping out your local LGBT+ shelter or other pro LGBT+ charity. I know I will.

(Also – holy shit I posted that in November 2013? I’ve been on Tumblr two years??)


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