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@masteraquila spanked me so hard that he ended up with big blood blisters on his hand. @rubberyell continued to spank me with the bible when we got back to the hotel room. Still hurts to sit 🙈 Of course I needed to be punished for the blisters on Masters hand so Sir and @the-puppeteer-1976 took turns at whipping me

I did not know that @rubberyell hit your ass whit a bible fucking sweet. Love that. I Hope that @masteraquila his hand wil soon be in spanking mode.

I can still spank just as hard with my other hand 👋

Bible basher :p

I love everything about this – the relationship between a Master, his boyfriend, and slave; their friendship with the rope guy; their off color banter and sense of humor….and the fact they post it all on Tumblr. So wonderful to see kink making people happy and bringing them together in non-traditional ways.


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