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“Good morning~” 
“Oh come on, a kiss is supposed to wake sleeping beauty up from her slumber.”
“Sleeping beauty did not stay up too late fucking her cute boyfriend last night.”
“Point taken,” Julian concedes.
“Why are you so perky?” Albin grumbles, not opening his eyes or moving.
“Cause I got laid last night.”
“Ok, Grumpy. I think I know what would fix this.” Julian flops own next to Albin, facing him. He snakes his hand through the sheets, exploring, searching, until his fingertrips brush Albin’s abs. Albin makes a soft noise through his nose as the fingers trail south…further south..then they grab. Albin’s eyelids pop open.
Julian smirks at him but doesn’t say anything as he begins to pet Albin’s cock under the sheets.
“Shit, that feels good,” Albin mutters, rolling onto his back.
“Of course it does. You’re a healthy male after all.”
“God it turns me in such a weird way when you use clinical terms with me.”
Julian leans forward and nips Albin’s ear with his teeth. “And then we stimulate the young Swedish-American male until his penis becomes erect from its flaccid state and the testicles start to display high in their sac…”
Albin groans. “Fuck you Julian, you are evil incarnate.”
Julian giggles, still stroking, still petting, enjoying feeling the flesh growing taut in his hand. “Your foreskin is pulled back now,” he purrs. Albin swallows hard and Julian’s fingers felt wet. 
“Shit I’m not going to last long.”
“Then don’t.”
Julian pumps his lover faster and faster, smothering the sensitive skin with relentless touch and a tight grip. All the while, he nibbles on Albin’s ear lobe and flickers his tongue up the curve of the shell. 
“Fuck…fuck!” Albin cries, arching his back and grabbing onto the pillow. Under the sheets, Julian could feel his boyfriend’s cock jerking and ejaculating in his hand. The fabric became saturated and clung while Julian tries to hold on to the increasingly slippery organ. “That’s it…come for me big boy. Show me what you built up overnight…yes, all of it. Give it to me, stud.”
“FUCK Julian!” Albin hisses. His back is arched high like a bow, and then he collapses, gasping. 
Julian knew this was the point to stop touching and to simply lower his hand and cup Albin’s balls for a while. He loved that, but only after he came for some reason. 
Julian lets Albin recover while he kisses his cheek. “Are you awake now?”
“Y- ..yeah.” Albin licks his lips and swallows. “I am very much awake, thank you.”
“Good,” Julian chirps. “Now you can make me waffles.”
Albin snorts and looks at his boyfriend, his face full of love. “Seriously? Waffles? Don’t you want me to return the favor?”
“Mm. I’d rather you owe me a favor. Redeemable anytime..anywhere…no matter what.”
Albin raises an eyebrow. “Is it just me, or are you getting kinkier?”
“I buy one thing made of leather and suddenly I’m a kinkster!” Julian cries, pretending to be offended.
“Cause seriously I’m seriously hoping so. I’d love to spank you over my lap sometime,” Albin confesses, stretching. “My leather gloved hand on your ass, the paddle striking your cute butt, leaving these red marks while you squirm and leak pre-cum into my lap… it’d be hot.” He glances at Julian to gauge his reaction on if that was too weird or not. To his surprise, Julian is blushing.
“Ok, fuck, well now I’m getting hard,” Julian sighs.
Albin smirks. “Nope. You wanted waffles.”
“Be a good boy or I’ll spank you.”
“…I kind of want to be spanked now,” Julian admits.
“Ok, be a good boy or I won’t spank you.”
“Fine fine, let’s go eat waffles.”
“Naked?” Albin asks.

Text is fictional.


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