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Dorian stepped in the room. “How the -…” The pups were everywhere! “How did you all get out of the cage?” Dorian glanced down at at the solidly built bulldog in front of him wearing a mask. “Oh right. Forgot the mitts.” He sighed and pulled his keys out of his pocket. “Well, let’s get back to locking you -” Something fell out onto the floor when he removed his keys. It was a treat. The pups all starred up at him with intent. Dorian could see their cute little heads working it out – if there was one, then the entire pocket must be full of them!  

“No. Sit. Stay. No bad pups! No – ack!” Dorian found himself quickly overwhelmed by eager, energetic pups who overwhelmed him, licked him into submission, then raided his shorts for their prize.

Text is fictional.


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