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New favourite couple

“Oh my god, you’re actually going to kiss me.”
“Why are you grinning so hard yet cowering at the same time?” I tease.
“I – I don’t know! Because this is hilarious. And weird. And…I dunno.”
“Do you not want me to kiss you?”
“I don’t know! I mean, I’m straight but I…dunno,” Arturo giggles.
“God straight boys are so silly,” I chuckle. I lean forward, trapping him with two hands against the wall.
“Wait wait!”
“What?” I ask, finding it impossible not to smile although I’m a little exasperated.
“…No no, just do it,” Arturo replies. His cheeks must hurt by now. He hasn’t closed his mouth in like ten minutes.
“Ok fine,” I say with a shrug. His body language is confusing. His legs are forward but he’s leaning back, hands crossed over his chest like a mummy. Arturo’s tense. Nervous. He’s also really cute and looks great in blue. “I’m going to kiss you now.”
He giggles nervously. I feel like I”m at summer camp. I put my hands on either side of him and lean in, trapping him. He doesn’t turn his hed away. Our eyes meet momentarily. I close mine, and kiss him. His lips are firm and I can smell his cologne. I get a buzz immediately. To my surprise, he doesn’t blanch or pull away.
“Mnn…nnnf,” Arturo says.
I cup his chin and kiss him again. His arms relax.
“Mnnn…” he sighs.

Finally, I relent and break away. “…And that’s it,” I say cheerfully.
He blinks slowly and rubs his lips. “That uh…that was…different. I could feel your stubble a little.”
“Was it bad?” I asked, tilting my head.
“…I don’t know. It was different. Oh my god I can’t believe I just got kissed by a guy.”
“You said you were curious!”
“I did! And now I don’t know what to do with that information.”

I backed off and gave him some space. “Well, you’re a man now. You lost your bet and paid the price.“
Arturo looks pleased with this information. “And I’m still straight.”
“Well, good for you,” I reply, feeling a little disappointed.
“…Hey Marcus?”
“I have a question. I mean, not related to anything.”
”Go on,” I urge, folding my arms.
“Is it still gay if you just like to kiss guys? I mean, not have sex with them?”
I tilt my head. “Yeah, it’s call being a homo-romantic, heterosexual.”
Arturo’s face goes blank. “…A homo what now?”
“Oh straight boys. Come here Arty, sit down on the edge of the tub. We’re gonna have a little chat. And trust me, there is nothing wrong with kissing boys. Especially the way you kiss.” I watched him turn red, but I didn’t feel bad for enjoying it as much as I did.

Text is fictional. From sense8, the tv show, apparently.


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