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Another stray pup. Will someone please give him a forever home.

Roger crouched down and set the Big Mac box in front of him. It smelled amazing. He opened it up so the pup could see it. The pup was watching him for sure now. He tossed the creature a french fry. The pup took an immediate interest in it, and crept forward to gobble it up. Roger smiled. No one disliked fries. He ate some himself to show that they were safe.

Over the course of half an hour, Roger tossed the fries closer and closer. When the pup was wary of Roger, he decided to up the game by offering a big piece of the hamburger. The pup couldn’t resist that.

Within ten minutes, the skinny pup was eating the Big Mac out of his fingers.
“Good boy, good boy,” Roger cooed. He grabbed the pup’s harness, which made him instinctively want to flee. He whimpered and pawed at the ground, trying to skitter.
“No no, sshhhh. It’s ok. Come on. Be a good boy. That’s it. Oh you’re a big boy, let me hug you.” Roger wrapped his arms around the pup. “You’re all skin and bones! You want another burger?”
“I think we can arrange that. But you have to come in the car with me ok? The doors will be unlocked.”
The pup eyed him.
Roger offered a fry.
The pup grabbed it.
“That’s a good boy. Come on! Let’s get you inside and fed huh boy? You won’t be stray any longer than this.”
“Bark bark bark!”

Text is fictional.


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