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Out of the blue, my boyfriend unlocked me from my CB yesterday. He said he was in for some romanticism… some intimate, close, warm and cuddly sex. No rough kinky fucking or dominance. Just me and him, skin to skin. And so we got to the bedroom and slowly undressed each other. Surprisingly, he was the one who began feeling slutty, which was an interesting turn of events. He sucked my dick for the first time in forever, which felt sensitive as fuck after all this chastity for many many weeks. I literally forgot how it felt, and it was great. ^^ I even started talking my boyfriend into making me cum, so he could enjoy a cummy face for once. But he knew that was just me trying to talk myself into an orgasm so he told me to mind my words and told me to get on hand and knees.

He fucked me on all fours, while we kissed and cuddled at the same time. No rough thrusting, just making love. My boyfriend got close quickly, so he started to jerk me off. ‘Let’s cum together at the same time’, he proposed. I loved the idea that I was going to cum, without being in control myself. With very slow but deep thrusts bf kept himself on the edge as he jerked me off. The moment I began moaning and tensing my back and legs, he increased the speed of his thrusts as he knew my orgasm was getting closer. I’m quite vocal and always tense up before cumming, especially in unusual positions, so bf perfectly knows how to time edges or ruined orgasms. But he wasn’t going to do that this time. We were going to cum together. My cum all over the bed sheets, and bf’s up my ass like always. But the moment we were both about to cum, my boyfriend lost focus and stopped jerking me off, causing a terribly frustrating ruined orgasm while he filled me up. About fifteen seconds later bf realized he ‘forgot’ to keep stimulating me, so he started again for a few seconds, not realizing that he was just causing another ruined, yet explosive orgasm, leaving me in a bit of a horny mess. 

We collapsed. Even though I just came twice, I still felt like being somewhat denied. I begged my boyfriend to please give me another orgasm, and not ruin it, because it was clearly not his purpose to do so. He smiled: ‘You can jerk off… but keep looking in my eyes. And stop immediately when I say so.’
I knew what was going to happen..

So, I got comfortable on my back, took my dick in a firm grip – because that’s what it takes after two semi-orgasms – and stared deep my boyfriend’s blue eyes. As I was about to tense up again and to spray my load, bf told me to stop. Just after a few seconds he made me continu. Then he stopped me again at the edge. And continu. And stop. Continu. Stop. etc. All while looking bf in the eyes. After some giggling out of frustration, some begging and loud moans I finally got that long wished permission to finish myself off. While looking bf in the eyes, I came all over my belly with my third big load in fifteen minutes and it was awesome.

I stopped masturbating. Bf grinned: ‘Did I tell you to stop…? Go on.’
I moaned. I was already sensitive after weeks of chastity and now he wanted me to continu jerking off until I came again? He had mentioned post orgasm torture before, so I accepted this little experiment and kept stroking. It started out a bit too sensitive, but after a minute of pushing myself, the stroking became rather enjoyable again and I felt that another orgasm was buildng quickly. However, this time my boyfriend didn’t order me to stop. I had to continu and came a fourth time. Again four big spurts up to my nipples. Still I wasn’t allowed to stop. Within five minutes I came a fifth and even a sixth time and I’m not joking that the last shot was the biggest of them all. 

So what started out as intimate love making, ended with some hot masturbation control and fully drained balls. Who would’ve thought that I got to cum like this, especially now recently my boyfriend seems to enjoy my chastity more than ever? ^^

And for next weekend he already mentioned something about exhibitionism, local woods, his car and me wearing very few clothing. *omg* You know, bf really can be strict, but when he allows me to cum, he makes sure to make it worth waiting for. Hoooly fuck. 

Is this reality?? I can’t write captions as hot as this! (That said – this is a lovely example of the reward of chastity, of trusting your keyholder with your cock.)


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