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Ahhwwwww c’mon the-kinky-bf, you should be home already… =(

Craig bought a dropcam so he could see what exactly his pup did all day when he wasn’t home, and his pup didn’t have classes or work. He regretted it instantly though, when he saw how lonely his boy was. Damn near broke his heart to see him curled up by the door, no doubt whining the whole time.  Craig had no idea his pup had separation anxiety, or missed him this much. It had to be even worse for his pup, since he was working all these later hours due to tax season.
There was no way he could afford to care for another pup at this time, though. Wasn’t there doggy daycares for this sort of thing? There had to be one for pup boys. They lived in San Francisco for gods sake. Craig turned his attention from the reports to Google to search for one. He wasn’t gonna get a damn thing this quarter done knowing his pup was waiting for him, forlorn as can be.

First though, he sent his pup a text message: Miss you. Be a good boy, and make sure all your toys are put away before I come home. At least that’d keep him busy for a little while.

Text is fictional. Gah, gayboykink is just too damn cute. :<


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