All my gear (Part 2: Toys and Gear)


Due to popular request I decided to lay out and share all the gear, anal toys and pairs of cheeky underwear I own. I showed a lot of them already a long time ago, but there have been quite some additions, mainly because of some crazy Christmas gifting from you guys! By the way, I’m seriously having trouble to keep this all well organized and hidden in our bedroom. XD

Part 1 (Anal toys) is here 
Part 3 (Underwear) is here

Part 2: Toys and gear


1. Velcro handcuffs. The first ones I owned, very vanilla, haha.
2. Lockable leather handcuffs. Very comfortable and goodlooking. My favourites!
3. Leather paddle. Fairly light, but a nice alternatie for my boyfriend instead of using his hands or a belt. ^^
4. Humbler to keep me down on all fours. 
5. Two silicone ball stretchers my boyfriend bought. He wore them for a while, but somehow it didn’t do much for him. I combined them with a CB a couple of times which looked nice.
6. Enema nozzle attachment and an enema bulb. Can’t do anal play without making sure you’re properly cleaned from the insides as well.
7. Spandex hood with eye openings and zipper at the mouth. The mouth piece is small, so bf can’t use it as a blowjob mask unfortunately.
8. Kneepads for when I feel like pupping out for a couple of hours.
9. Puppy hood. *wrufff*
10. Leather and steel leash to hook on my collar or harness.
11. Collar, brown leather dog collar. Not lockable, but I wear it almost 24/7 when I’m home alone.
12. Leather harness with adjustable straps. 
13 Two fresh bottles of poppers. Sometimes used during fucking or fisting.
14. Steel handcuffs with quick escape lever. I preferleather cuffs, because struggling in these really hirts your wrists.
15. Jailhouse chastity device, the first one I bought in Oct. 2013. Never worn it after buying the CB6000 (which was on my dick as I took the pic. =P)
16. Locks and keys, used for anything lockable in this picture, haha. 
17. Nipple clamps. The clover ones are very hard, but once past the initial discomfort they’re bearable. The chain ones are lighter, but have tiny teeth.
18. Cockring with vibration bullet. Weak vibrations, not used much.
19. Magic wand. Does this need further explanation? Intense vibrations that can make me cum in minutes, chaste or not.
20. Duct tape and plastic wrap, ideal for some mummification.
21. Three Vetrap rolls that haven’t been used yet. Still thinking about a way to use them. The material is awesomely snug and doesn’t stick to skin at all. ^^
22. Simple ball gag with rubber straps.
23. Penis gag, plain gag actually, not that big.
24. Lockable open mouth gag. Big enough a hole to get bf’s dick in, very humiliating and I love it. =3
25. Inflatable and lockable pecker gag, can get very intense after 7-8 pumps.
26. Shoelace and 2 pieces of soft black bondage rope. Can’t have enough!
27. Chain with padlock. Used it as collar before, but can serve all kind of purposes
28. About 15m of soft bondage rope. Used for example for body harnesses or arm binders.

Wow. A peek into gayboykink’s toychest! So many, many options.


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