Best of November

I keep forgetting to do these, arg!

Top 20 original content posts for November:

There’s Nothing You Can Do
You Smell Full of Pheromones
Quick! Get over here, he’s exercising again!
He Needs Me, Not You
Interracial Sex in the Warehouse
Yes, I was masturbating, now fuck off.
Teenage Pillow Talk
How I imagine Lucien to be
The night after we crashed Miss Douvet’s ball
Houseboy’s Busted
Homo and Hetero
My Big, Strong Man
I can’t believe they got me a stripper for my birthday
Thanksgiving & Family
Houseboy problems? Call for your free In-Home Sex Consultation today!
Cone of shame :<
After-hours office fun
The last threesome before the chastity device goes on
My territory
Sneaking around

December will go up in early January.


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