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So, it’s the end of the year. I can’t believe it’s 2015. Fifteen years ago, I was starting high school – I imagined that by this time I’d be fluent in Japanese and living in Japan! Yeaaaah that didn’t happen. I still am trying to get my shit together. One of my accomplishments is this Tumblr. Somehow, I’ve managed to post every single day this year. Although there were a couple times I wasn’t able to write a caption, I still did my best to at least post something.

That said, when going through the archives for the Best-Of posts, I realized something…


I have been seriously slacking off. This means you guys are only been getting about 30% of the posts you were getting at the beginning of the year. This is due to a lot of things – stress, uncertainty, inability to focus, etc. I started driving for Lyft at the end of June, and I often drive late at night (less competition). However, this is normally when I would stay up and write as my best inspiration comes at like 3 am. I would save the drafts and publish them the next day. I had not realized what an impact this has had until now. I have also noticed that I have been making much fewer late night ballet posts, which I don’t like either.

That said, through-all my bullshit, you guys have been utterly amazing. I’ve received so many nice comments, so many kind words. I’ve given people boners! I even received a note from particular Tumblr user that I comment I wrote on one of his posts made him laugh, so hard he was unable to finish masturbating with his dildo. This is one of my greatest sources of pride ever.

The feedback has been personal too. When I had financial troubles in June and released a writing packet for donations, some of you contributed very generously and kept my bills paid (and it worked!). When my parakeet passed in June, I got a lot of messages of support.

I honestly cannot thank you all enough. We’re at 4,486 followers right now. I wish I could write 4,486 thank you cards, but the postage would be hilariously expensive. When we hit 5,000, I am planning on doing something special. As in, aussieBum is getting involved. You’ll have to wait to hear more though!

*Tom Brokaw voice* Now, for some data:

For the record, we’re at about 2,467 posts. We have readers in over 140 countries and all 50 states.

The top posts of the year, in terms of popularity are these:

Ethan + Joel: Cat Interrogation & Marry Me
Henry, the perfect houseboy
Anything involving Lucien
Dear Diary, Today I Got To Fuck Collin (gayboykink’s favorite post!)
And my post on nude model Ron Bailey has seen an uptick in popularity since the long-haired-men Tumblrs have gotten a hold of it.

Also in 2014, I released Orion’s New Leash on Life both solo and part of the Mended anthology.

I am sorry I didn’t release more this year. I have a lot of rough drafts in the works. I’m going to be bumping up my game in January. I’m cutting out my stressful main job. I want to write! In a perfect world, I’d ski during the day, and write at night. One can hope. Anyway…

I am looking forward to 2015 with all of you. Thank you to my new readers, and my long-time readers. Thank you to my grammar checker, my beta reader, my HTML fixer, to Dreamspinner Press, and to Tumblr. But most of all, god bless dick, because you guys love it.

With love from Los Angeles,
C. Callenreese, aka, All Because of the Boys

PS: My favorite caption of the year that was not mine was this one by captionstojerkby.


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