Best of August, September, and October

Because I didn’t do them before >>. Top 20 original content posts from each month:


Murder for Halloween (warning: dark content)
You Can Take the Boy Out of the House, but not the Houseboy out of the Boy
No One Asked Me What I Want!
The First Taste
Alright, Get on.
Taking Care of Your Man and Your Baby
Strange Things Pups Do
He’s Young, but He’ll Learn
Fuck Me Daddy!
An Encounter in the Woods
Corporate Blackmail
No One Touches Gordy. No One.
Teenage BlowjobI’m Totally Fucked 🙁
A Night with a Fine Locked Whore
The Morning After, with Lucien
Locker Room Cock Worship
You Wore Your Best Jockstrap for Me?


Apples and GlovesTwo faggots are better than one!
The Cute Younger Brother
Healed With a Beating
Golf Can Be Fun
Houseboy Job
Come On Up!
Sacha, my delicate pet with perfect ass and balls
Finder’s KeepersStuck :<
Hold Yourself Open!
Doing It in the Bathroom
Danny Needs Dick
Waiting for Auction
Road Head
Comforting The Sick Boyfriend on his Birthday
I Own This Now
The Urge to Fuck
Heavy Like a Death in the Family
Denied Slave Boy


Sorry, He’s Shy
Tormenting my Straight Roommate With the Cunning Use of ThreesomesRisky Business Pup
Hong Kong
Italian Love Exploration
The Grocery Boy and the Rich Celeb
Should Have Been a Cowboy
Straight ExplorationRobin’s Problem
Dinner, A Movie, and Denial
Sucking off the Fag
A Houseboy’s Ennui
Sharing Your Slave
The Voyeur
Michael Becomes a Man
Blue Underwear and a One Night Stand
Can’t Keep Up with the Locked BoyRecovery Through Love
Chaste Boy Hotline

Also we just broke 4,300 followers! Yay! You know, more and more I wonder if people I bump into on the streets of LA are my readers…


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