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“Jonah, why am I not getting any attention from the boys?” Robin asks, having pulled him aside down an used path in the garden.
“How are you not? You’re adorable.”
“But they don’t want attention from me.” He pouts.
“Hm, let me inspect you.” Jonah lifts up his shirt and is shocked by what he sees. “You have a jock’s body and a thespian’s wardrobe,” he chuckles. “Goddamn Robin.”
Robin watches as Jonah’s eyes trace the treasure trail down below his waistline. Jonah cups him between the legs to make the man gasp, then hooks his thumb in the waistband and pulls down hard. “Mnn…your hair is trimmed cleanly…could the problem be down here?”
“Please check,” Robin asks in a throaty whisper.
Jonah slips his hand down into his friend’s jeans and finds a half hard cock trapped in cotton, struggling to get out of the hot confinement. He wraps his fingers around it, enjoying listening to Robin sigh in pleasure.

“I think I found your problem Robin,” Jonah announces, still playing with it.
“What?” he blinks, eyes not focused.
“You don’t want the attention of other boys. You just want the attention of me.”
Robin turns bright red. “Shit. You caught me.”
Jonah smirks. “Why didn’t you just say so?”
“Cause I always thought you’d only look at me as a friend…”
“Oh Robin. You silly boy.” Jonah removes his hand. Robin whimpers. Jonah undoes his belt buckle, button, and zipper, exposing Robin’s aching cock to fresh air. He trembles as the breeze traces over moisture on the tip.
Without explanation, Jonah pushes Robin against the stone wall and drops to his knees to take him into his mouth. Robin cries out a sharp noise and the crows fly out of the tree. He can’t believe this is happening and if he’s dreaming – and then Robin suddenly grabs onto the stone wall to keep from swooning because holy god he didn’t know Jonah could do that with his tongue.

Text is fictional. Watermarked.


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