Oh my gosh. I’ve been following your blog for a while and enjoying your beautiful writing quietly, but I just have to say that “kind of like a unicorn with the horn between his legs instead of on his forehead” was one of the best lines I’ve ever read! That just about made my night, so thank you. =)

Aha, thank you! It’s terrible writing, but it’s really funny and that trumps all editorial logic. Actually, the more I think about that metaphor, it’s actually pretty dumb! *laughs* I essentially just wrote that fucking a pussyboi is comparable to a) fucking a rare horse, and b) aren’t horses usually ridden instead of doing the riding? and c) I was pretty sure traditionally only virgins could ride unicorns. Oh well, it’s porn not a Pulitzer. I kan rite gud.

Anyway, thanks for reading, glad to make your night. I apologize if you start laughing if/when you have sex with a guy in the near future and think of this.