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“Hey puppy, what you got there? Oh you got your ropetoy huh? You really like that thing don’t you?”
He got a ‘woof’ in response; the pup was holding the toy in the front of his teeth and it tumbled out when he made his excited nose. His Master sat down on the sofa and told the pup, “Bring it here, boy, come on!”
The pup bent his head to pick up the toy with his teeth again, but something went wrong. He whimpered sharply and dropped it. His Master furrowed his head, watching as his pup tried to capture it with his teeth again, but the same thing happened.

His Master got up and came over. “What’s a matter boy?” His pup looked up at him with big, soulful eyes. The Master picked up the rope and inspected it for anything sharp, but found nothing. “Uh oh. Don’t tell me.. Sit. Stay. Don’t bite now.” The man grasped his pup’s jaw in one strong hand, then slid his fingers across the pup’s gumline. When his digits slid to the back of this pup’s bottom rows of teeth, the pup howled in pain and nearly bit his Master while attempting to dislodge him. The Master cried out in surprise and pulled back his hand. The pup skittered away, then put his head down and whined.

“Oh puppy,” his Master cooed, “Your wisdom teeth are coming in aren’t they? Your jaw must be so sore. Let me get you something cool to chew on while I call the dentist.” When he came back into the room with a small plate, his pup was pushing the ropetoy with his nose and making sad dog noises at it. It broke his Master’s heart to see his boy so uncomfortable.“Aww my poor baby. There there, you’ll be able to play with your toys soon. Here, I brought you some frozen fruit pieces. Suck on these ok?” He set down the plate for his pup, gave him a sympathetic pat, and went to call the dentist.

In total, four wisdom teeth had to come out. The Master had never seem a pup so unhappy in his life, and did his best to spoil his pup with hand-feedings, warm baths, and plenty of cuddles to get him through the pain and swelling that followed.The dentist was pleased with the boy’s fast progress and lack of infection, and soon gave the all clear. The ropetoy returned to itself rightful place – in its pup’s jaws – and that tail back there just wagged and wagged.

Text is fictional. This pup is so boyish and adorable! Would spoil by slipping food under the table 10/10. Pup is:


PupTurbo, the Deceptipup!