But mosquito hawks are like daddy long legs with wings and they eat mosquitoes and they’re so cute. <3 I'll get it in exchange for more porn. XD

I don’t have an issue with daddy long legs. I used to go to summer camp when I was a kid, and you’d find giant mats of them on walls…we’d blow on them and watch them all freak out as the ripple passed through. Very entertaining. Phobias aren’t supposed to be rational, though. Something about mosquito hawks are just unnatural.   

I never found the one in my apartment. I found it briefly on the wall at 4 am that night and literally pulled a woman taking an early-morning walk off the street to come kill it – but when we got inside, it vanished, and I’m sure thinks I’m insane. It’s probably dead by now, and I’ll find its corpse somewhere…sometime…uuughhh.


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