Fundrasier Update

Update update update.

1) I might have gotten a real grown-up job at a music venue. A connection of mine came through. However, it’s seasonal (through November) and they won’t give me an official “yes” until my background check goes through in 2-4 weeks (uuughhh). So I gotta figure out how to fill that time! Supposed to hear back today about a restaurant job though. Told to call back next week.

2) My parakeet Mr. Bird is holding on. He has now reached a point where if he falls off a perch he can’t really get back on it, and he just sleeps all day. He can still eat and preen and headtuck, so he’s kind of in a limbo right now between being ill and “the end”. The waiting is driving me insane.

3) On a happier note, we have officially broke 3,600 followers. Sometimes it goes up then back down and up and down, but we’re steady at 3,612 right now. Just damn.

4) The fundraiser is going well and we’re $20 short of $200!! Omg I can’t even. Today is the last day I’m going to advertise it and put it on my posts. After that, it will be available in my rather neglected Releases tab.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me. I’m gonna try to be bring this Tumblr back to its roots a little with the captions this upcoming week. Hope you like!


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