Special Story Package for Fundraiser/Pity Party

Hello readers. I’m gonna get a little personal with you for a minute here. It’s under a cut so viewing it is optional.

Essentially, I am selling some brand new long-form writing to help offset some budget problems at home. If you’re a fan of my Lucien or Egg stories, you definitely should click the cut.

*deep breath* I’m broke. As in really broke. I had two jobs fall through – one had too much going on in his personal life, one just never called me back about scheduling despite pestering. I have three two interviews pending this week. However, if you factor in the first interview, second interview, the delay between hiring and starting, and then the delay to get the first paycheck…I’m really screwed. I might not be able to pay July rent and I still have May bills to pay. The sales for Orion were low due to mistakes I made, and I won’t see the check for a while.

To complicate matters, my family – six of them – are coming into town next weekend this weekend for a family reunion which means those days I cannot work and I have to please/organize my relatives without being to spend a penny.

Aaand to make matters worse, one of my pet parakeets, Mr. Bird, has lung cancer and is dying. I will likely have to euthanize him this week because he is slowly suffocating. He can’t even fly without gasping. My poor little boy. ;_; This is what Mr. Bird looks like. He’s a dumpling.

The point is – I need a little help. I posted an inquiry about Paypal in the past, but I don’t feel right begging without offering anything in return. So, I’m going to selling a writing package for cheap through an awesome direct shopping cart service called Gumroad.

The story package includes three PDFs:

  • A Man’s Needs – a Lucien story over eight times longer than any Tumblr post I’ve made involving him, about 8,500 words. It involves a bit of humiliation and a lots of manly sex from a very horny and bossy client. My beta reader said, I quote: “DAMN that was hot.”
  • Sticking the Landing – this was a story I self-published story in December last year about a cop and gymnast reconciling old love. It’ s no longer up for sale and this copy has been detailed.
  • A Good Egg with a Good Heart – a short but adorable fluff piece about a houseboy named Egg and a songbird. 

The link is HERE. The cost of the package is $5 USD for all three stories in a zip file. It’s a total of about 20,520 words; if you do a little division, that’s about $0.00025 a word. An average erotica short story normally goes for, on average, $3.99 for 1. That said, I have about 3,600 followers and if just 3% of my readers contributed, it would be an enormous relief.

Things to note about Gumroad:

  • Gumroad only accepts credit card payments.
  • It will show up on your credit card statement as ‘C. Callenreese’.
  • If you are not in the US, your credit card company might charge you a small fee for overseas payments.
  • It will not prompt you for a shipping address, so I will not know where you live.

If you can only use Paypal:

If you prefer Paypal, or want to send a higher or lower amount, you can send payment via Paypal to ccallenreese at gmail.com; mark it as “gift”, include your e-mail address in notes, and I will e-mail you the zip file myself.

If anyone wants proof of my bank statement, credit card bills, vet bills, or whatever, the documents are available. Send the request to the Gmail address above.

That said… thank you. Thank you very much. I love you all – my regulars, my lurkers, my fellow writers, and internet friends in far-flung places.


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