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Noah gasped and stumbled backwards, crashing into the desk and bruising his hip. The vibration surged through his nerves, up his spine, and worked its magic by loosening his limbs. He pursed full lips and whimpered, but the metal cage around his cock held firm. He must not cum. Noah heard a rustle outside the door and froze, then sighed in relief when it passed. This was technically his open office hours but the door was locked. If a student knocked, he’d eventually have to explain why he didn’t answer.

Another wave of vibration went through him. Noah put his fingers back near his pussy in some foggy headed attempt to control the power, to smooth the sweet ache. His Master knew exactly when he had time off between teaching classes and had set the vibrator to go off at the opportunite moment. Just minutes before, Noah had received a text message instructing him to strip. To do this at work, with just a door between him and the school, was terrifying and thrilling.

A soft moan slipped past his lips. He hated chastity cages, but his Master had put him into one as he dressed his pet this morning. He also bent him over and slid a vibrating bullet up his freshly washed ass. Noah’s Master wanted him to feel that grip around his cock the entire morning, so by the time that vibrator kicked in he was going to be drowning in lust.

Part of him wanted to rip that cage off and masturbate furiously. The other half of him, the half that won, clutched the desk and repeated to himself over and over: be good. Soon, that first part of him would be gone. This is what his Master wanted; it pleased him to know he could control his boy from afar. Noah hoped one day the training collar he wore at home would be replaced by a real collar. That would never happen if he couldn’t surrender his body’s sex drive to his Master’s hands. Noah had heard so many wonderful rumors about anal sex, hands-free orgasms, and the effects of temporary denial, but they all required another man – a superior man with a superior cock to wean him off his addiction to self pleasure.

Noan’s trapped cock leaked long strings of pre-cum. A shudder went through him as light orgasm rippled outwards from his prostate. He covered his mouth to quiet a groan. Something was happening, building, building, building. His cock felt like it was going to explode out of its restraint any second. He clenched his ass cheeks together, which made the vibrations ten times more amazing. It felt wonderful. It was coming, it was almost here, any second-! …And then it stopped.

“No!” he gasped, panting. “Noo….fuck I wanna cum, oh god Sir let me cum please,” he begged, but no one was there. Noah let out a frustrated sob. His cock was almost purple, and there was a puddle on the floor. Then, his phone rang. He dove for it.

On the other line, his Master chuckled. “Let me hear how horny you are boy.”
“Please Sir, please, turn the vibration back on, please I was so close, I was so. close. to having an anal orgasm please, oh god. I’m so horny, the room is spinning. Holy shit.”
“No…it will stay off.”
Noah whined in a loud, petulant way.
“I want that bullet nudging your prostate through-out the afternoon. We are having an early dinner with a bunch of other Masters and I intend to fuck you over the table for dessert. I want them to see your helpless trapped cock and all the mess you’ve made in your underwear. Is it damp?”
“Very Sir,” he leaned against the desk to catch his breath. “There is so much precum on the floor. uugh I want to jerk off so badly!”
“But you won’t.”
A helpless, frustrated noise passed his lips. “No. No I won’t Sir. I’m going to be good, just…very horny.”
“Yes,” he exhaled, “That’s what I want. Good slave. Now, take a picture of all the mess you made and send it to me. Then, clean it up, and get dressed. You have class in forty minutes and you have to eat and be presentable.

Noah replied with a submissive "Yes Sir”. They chatted a little longer and hung up. Noah set the phone down on the table and heaved a sigh of major frustration. The urge to climax was fading but he was hornier than ever. He wrapped his hands around his cock and felt nothing but the metal.
“Fuck.” He couldn’t. He couldn’t cum. His hand dipped to cup his balls; they were hot and swollen. The old part of Noah should have been somewhat humiliated at the idea of being fucked over a table in front of a bunch of Master’s friends, but now he couldn’t wait. His Master would be so pleased with his body and it would feel so very, very good.

Teaching the afternoon class on astrophysics was going to be a challenge, though. Maybe in 40 minutes the blush would have faded from his cheek and the pre-cum would stop dripping. 

Noah reached for his underwear. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Text is fictional. Source unknown.


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