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I remember walking down to the old docks, hand in hand. I remember talking about the dumb things dogs do, and I remember the chill in the wind that hinted summer was over. I can fondly recall us sitting on the edge of an old abandoned dock house, watching ducks on the bank of the lake, because this is where he kissed me for the first time. It was the beginning of a high school love that survived growing up and would eventually blossom into adulthood marriage.
More than anything though, the part of this scene that sticks in my mind most of all, is my boyfriend being so distracted and swept up in his amorous feeling for me after our kiss that he lost his balance and tumbled into the lake. I laughed so hard I got tears in the corners of my eyes and my stomach ached as I watched him stomp to the shore line and empty the water out of his new shoes.

Love really does knock a man off feet – or in this case – his seat.

I took him home and bathed him while his clothes went through our washing machine, and we kissed in the shower over and over and over until the water went cold.

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Alex Bischoff and his boyfriend. They look like a really good couple! I hope em the best and if you see this you should definitely go follow Alex. 🙂


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