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Being in prison is not fun. The food is awful, it reeks, fresh air is a high priced commodity. Some snitch ratted me out for attempted murder of our guild’s leader, but I don’t regret it. That man was evil. He stole from his own business, funded corrupt politicians, underpaid his staff, beat his wife, and ignored his children. He tried to rape my best friend, who is also a high end call girl, and that’s what I had enough. I snapped. It’s a shame he lived. My trial is in eleven days, but I’m sure I’ll get out – or escape if I’m sent to jail. My crew was loyal, they’ll come through for me.

That said, my time in prison hasn’t been entirely awful. One of the guards here is sex on legs. He’s a young man, with lush dark hair, gorgeous rippling muscles, long legs poured into calfskin boots, and his torso is often naked except for his codpiece. Getting to look at his ass makes the days past faster. Sometimes when he walks by with the whip, it turns me on so much that I have to masturbate.

It didn’t take long for him to notice my attention towards him. Sometimes, late at night, he’ll come down here to check on things when it’s dark and most everyone is asleep. He’ll come up to my cell, unstrap his codpiece, and press his cock through the bars for me to suck. It’s thick and meaty, and I’m always hungry for it. He grunts and his eyes roll back into his head as I swallow him and all his cum. He likes having a cock sucker, I can tell. He shows it in other ways though – fresh bread instead of stale. Clean water. Ripe fruit that I share with everyone. My birthday passed while I was incarcerated and that devil even smuggled in a piece of apple tart!

Perhaps I am falling in lust, or in love with this guard. I’m rather happy I have eleven more days of our forbidden relationship to enjoy. I often wonder, if I get out, if our relationship would still be the same. I would still get on my knees, push his studded codpiece aside, and suck his cock anyway…but he wouldn’t have the bars to hold onto. I would still let him chain me to the wall though.

Text is fictional. Source is Iván García Fuentes for The Fetish Glam Collection 2013. Alan Millan is the photographer.


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