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Best of April

I don’t know why I keep forgetting to do these. April was an odd month anyway, with me being gone three weekends in a row for music festivals and the ElyEl cat-boy-letter post thing blowing up again.

Anyway, here are the top 20-ish or so original content posts:

Caught by Dad
Boyfriend with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
One Last Night of Sex Before We’re Parents
Hitchhiker’s Guide to Your Ass
It’s Ok To Want It
Staying In, Staying Locked
Young Love in Old England
Sick Houseboy is Sick
Losing His Virginity
House Husband
Lost His Swimtrunks
Talk Dirty To Me – With Your Hands
Broken Air Conditioner
Dutiful Houseboy Spoils His Overworked Lover
Exit Brett, Enter Zip.
Shark attack! Om nom nom
Happy and Horny in Chastity
The McCollough Boy
Young Twink Seduces Matthew
College Slut Begs for Supper and Sex

We’re at about 1,703 posts and 3,300 ish followers. Thank you all for reading!


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