I most enjoy your writing when you’re picking up a subtlety of the body language in the image. I impressed with the quality of the writing, and fucking amazed at the volume. I find it difficult to make time, and I’m jealous that you so obviously do.

Well, gosh golly this warmed my heart. Very kind of you to say such nice words, thank you. The subtlety of body language is what guides a lot of my writing, I’m impressed that you noticed. I think – why would that person make that face? – and then the story blooms from there. Although, there isn’t a lot of depth in “o” faces so it helps to branch out into other kinds of gifs and pictures.  

To be honest, I’m amazed at the volume too. One of the reasons I started this Tumblr was so I would have an excuse to make myself write every day. Cause I’d promise myself I’d do it, and then fail to do so, but there wasn’t a lot of guilt or remorse. However, if 1 person – or 3,000 people as it is now – expect to find new material on their dash and don’t get any, that is a different story. I hate feeling like I let people down. That’s what drives me, especially since I’m writing erotica.

Thanks for the message 🙂


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