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Having a deaf boyfriend can be frustrating sometimes. I was attracted to him when I saw him reading in the park, but it was difficult to get his attention without verbal cues. I had to ask him out using a pen and paper. There are small adjustments too – like you forget he can’t read lips if he’s behind you. You can’t yell “watch out” or anything either, and you can’t call, only text. When things began to get serious, I had to buckle down and learn sign language since it’s hard for him to talk clearly. I am terrible at memorizing things, so it was a frustrating painstaking process.

Yet, having a deaf boyfriend has some amazing upsides. I’ve worked harder at this relationship than any before, and we are so close. I can play music at any volume or bang around the kitchen without waking him. Plus, he is amazing with his hands and a great kisser. Did I mention I love how goddamn loud he is in bed? He’s a screamer, that one. The best benefit came with learning this new language though. We could be standing anywhere in public, like in a metro stop or in the grocery store, and he will give me a sly smile and sign the dirtiest things, like he wants my cock in his ass. It always makes me crazy horny, and he is not against fucking in public.

Right now, I am working on learning how to sign this speech I wrote and the gestures for, “Will you marry me?”. Judging by the hints he’s been dropping lately, I know he’s gonna say “yes”.

Text is fictional. At Stagecoach, so I will add source later.


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