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My friend Sarah had always had trouble holding down jobs and homes, from what I suspected were issues with drugs and alcohol. After yet another eviction, she showed up on my door step with a packed truck and her son. His presence startled me. Jacob was just a scrawny pre-teen when I saw him last. He was nearly a man physically now, but still so boyish. Despite his mother’s failings, Jacob looked healthy and well muscled under a too-small T-shirt and jeans. He made my cock swell immediately, which made it difficult to have a rather serious discussion with Sarah about what she was doing at my door.

Same ol’, same ol’ – “bad” bosses, “evil” landlords, never her fault ever. We had been friends since college, but that Sarah I knew was gone. I told her Jacob could stay, because instability is never good for a young man, but not her. I knew druggies – eventually something would go missing, then something else, and then finger-pointing and blame games would begin. Then, getting her to move out… nope. Wasn’t gonna do it. I paid for a week in a motel for her, and helped her move Jacob’s stuff into my guest room. If she cared about her son, she would take that week and get her life together. I didn’t have high hopes.

I laid down ground rules for Jacob. He was to get a part time job, get his GED, and start community college. I set a curfew and told him he wasn’t too old for spankings. Jacob made me a bit edgy – he always looked at me a bit too hungrily, always chewing on his bottom lip like he wanted to just tackle and eat me. The idea of a spanking seemed to excite him instead of freaking him out.

For the most part, Jacob seemed to be – fortunately – a stable boy. He found a job in a coffee shop and worked on schoolwork, kept his room clean, helped out with chores. I let him go to concerts and break curfew once in a while. I began to wonder if that boy had an alternative agenda though.

He always walked around in these tighty whities, sometimes even brazen enough to sport a half erection and a wet spot in the front. Sometimes if there was like chocolate on his finger or something, he’d spend too much time sucking on it if he knew I was watching. Jacob’s eyes always spent too much time on my ass. He’d come home from the school gym sweaty and hot, stripped to the waist, and linger far too long before disappearing in the direction of the bathroom. For his birthday, he asked for a sex toy. I got him a giftcard to a sex store and didn’t ask questions. He looked disappointed I didn’t.

One morning before work, I woke up horny in a way that only comes once in a while. I think it’s one of those left-overs from our primal days. You wake up with a huge, throbbing boner and your balls feel like big heavy stones. I humped my hand until I came, soiling my sheets, then rolled over to the side and stroked myself in slow tugs.
My mind began to wander since I was in less of a hurry now. I was horrified that they were drifting to Jacob, and the fantasy of his young sculpted body spread out beneath me as I pounded his ass into the bed over and over. No doubt, he’d writhe and beg for it harder, squeezing my cock with such grip that not a drop would spill from his hole I was fucking. I suddenly gasped and shot again onto my belly. I dipped my fingers into the mess and stared at them, muzzy headed. I hadn’t had two orgasms in a row in years, so I was pretty sure that would be the end of it. He was more than a decade younger than me. Not healthy.

I peeled myself out of bed and forced myself into the shower. By the time I was done, I found myself petting my dick with the towel. I sighed and forced myself to stop. I would never get my pants closed like that. Once I recovered and got dressed, the urge to jack off had mostly passed but I still felt a little hot under the skin. What the hell was going on with me?

I prayed to god that Jacob had one of his early morning shifts at the coffee shop today, that he’d be off at the gym, or still in bed. I couldn’t see him this morning, not after masturbating to him. Yet, there he was, in his tighty whities, eating a bowl of cereal while swaying and grooving around the kitchen to an Arctic Monkeys song on the radio. I gawked at him. Was he even aware of how sexy he looked? Fuck, I coulda sworn I could smell him from here. So young, so much virility.

My cock began to betray me again, and in slacks, there is no way to hide it. Before I could run though, Jacob noticed me. He didn’t seem embarrassed at all, he just turned down the volume a bit and put his bowl in the sink.

“Hey, good morning, Mr. Bell. Cereal? Toast?”
“Good morning. In a minute. Listen, Jacob-,” I began, stopping myself when I heard how husky my voice had sounded. Christ, what was I gonna say? ‘I wanna fuck you?’ Jacob gave me a confused look and hopped up onto the counter.
“What is it Mr. Bell?”
“Matthew’s fine, Jacob.” I sighed and ran my hand through my buzz cut which was growing out. Before I could say something of substance, Jacob noticed the bulge in my pants. His eyes went from it, to my face, then back down again, and back up. An eyebrow went up. He licked his bottom lip. Shit.
“Jacob, are you gay?” I blurted out.
Surprise lit his face. “You couldn’t tell?”
“Fuck,” I groaned. “So you have been seducing me?”
“Guilty as charged. You know, when Sarah said we were going to her friend Matt’s house, I was really annoyed at her for making us move again. When she told me you were gay though, I thought maybe it might not be so bad – but damn, didn’t expect you to be so hot. I’ve been looking for a man to …hm, teach me a few things. But you don’t seem to be interested.”
I adjusted my package and walked over to him. “Oh I’m interested, Jacob. You’re just so much younger than me, so innocent. You’re on your own, away from your mother, I figured you needed some time to sexually explore yourself you know? I didn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of you, but fuck I think you want me to.”
He purred. “I do.” He scooted his butt backwards on the counter more and parted his knees. I groaned. My sex drive was screaming to take him. I moved between him and put both hands on his thighs, caressing them.
“Are you a virgin?” I whispered softly.
“I fooled around with some of the boys in the locker room, but none of them have ever fucked me.”
“I’m going to fuck you,” I growled, sliding both hands over his hips and grabbing a handful each of his rock-hard ass. Inside the confines of my pants, my cock was so hard I was dripping pre-cum down the inside of my leg.
He groaned and rolled his hips forward in my grasp, “You promise?”
I answered him by moving in for a kiss, my fingers pulling down his underwear away from his ass. His lips stuck to mine like glue, our tongues fencing together as we pushed our mouths together. He tasted like milk and cinnamon. With the pretenses gone, it was blatantly obvious what we both wanted and needed.

Jacob was on fire in my hands. He wiggled so I could pull off his underwear. I tossed them away, but before I could plan my next move, Jacob grabbed my hand and stuck it between his legs. I was too busy kissing him to see his cock, but hell my fingers told me all I needed to know. About five inches of hard and fat, uncircumcised meat throbbed in my fingers. My touch wandered from his trimmed hair down to his balls, pulled high in their sac and each as round as an egg. I played with these first, making him keen and twist in my grip. He pleaded with me not to stop as his kisses wandered down my jaw. I suddenly felt wetness, and realized Jacob was leaking pre-cum too. My hand traveled back up to his ignored and cock, but instead of just grabbing him, I teased him by roving my fingertips by base to tip. He yelped and bucked, dribbling pre-cum like a broken faucet.

“Holy fuck, Mr. Bell!” he gasped, curling his toes. “That feels amazing!”
Matthew,” I insisted, capturing his mouth again and I rolled the glans between my thumb and pointer finger like I was sprinkling salt. Jacob’s eyes nearly rolled back into his head and he grabbed my wrist, nothing but a silent gasp coming out of his throat. He really was inexperienced. Jacob didn’t need a father at this age, he needed a man to teach him about the potential of his body. I wanted nothing more than to be that man.

“I’m gonna-!” he warned me. My hands fell away and he whined. “No no don’t stop!”
I needed both hands to get my pants undone; I nearly ripped the button off in the process. I tore the zipper down and hefted out my erection. I was at least an inch longer than him. Jacob’s eyes went huge at the sight of it. “Oh Matthew, you’re fucking huge.”
I grinned. “I hope you’re not getting second thoughts.” I kissed him again and again, and pressed up against him, between his legs. His cock was searing hot against mine; I pulled him close to me with both hands on his ass. I frotted against him with unbridled passion, our seed mingling, making our groins slick. Jacob was making the most sensual noises now, bleating and gasping, moaning and groaning. I still had one more surprise for him though. I licked one of my digits and slid it between the globes of his ass, fingering his entrance in little circles. “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” Jacob screamed as he came, tense in my embrace, his muscles seizing. He hooked one leg around me, holding me in place, as I rubbed my cock against him and teased his ass from the back as he exploded.

It was hard to tell whose mess was whose, there was just so much cum everywhere. My pants were now completely soiled, but I wasn’t planning on going in to work for a while. Jacob was softening underneath me, but that third orgasm of the day hadn’t done a single thing to quell the beast in me. Jacob rested his head on my shoulder, his torso heaving, his body limp.
“Hey…are you alright boy?” I asked.
“Fuck,” was all he could say, “I’ve never…cum….like that…”
Pride blossomed in me. “It’s what happens when you trust a more experienced man.” Jacob sat up, and I cupped his jaw in my hands. I gave him a sweet kiss, then nuzzled his cheek. “You wanna get some water, then go up to my bedroom?”

His eyelids fluttered open. “Your …bedroom?”
I chuckled. “Yes Jacob, I’m not gonna fuck you in the kitchen. Plus, we need to get cleaned up, and I have to prepare you.”
“Wait wait – don’t you have to go to work?”
I looked at the clock. Late anyway. “I’m gonna take the morning off. Something at home needs my attention a lot more.”
Jacob smiled. “You’d do that for me?”
“Yes. You’ve been ignored for too long. Someone needs to give you the attention you deserve. I cupped his balls in my hand. "Plus, it’s not like it’s a huge inconvenience.”
He ‘mmm’ed’ at my touches. “I’m gonna get fucked.”
“Yes, yes you are.”
“Will you carry me upstairs?”
“Of course, Jacob, it would be my pleasure.”

Text is fictional. Thought you guys deserved some long erotica to start the week. This was from a porno by Man Royale; it’s called An Afternoon Delight and it features Ethan Slade and James Ryder. The original photo is in color. More pics from the set here.


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