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“You wanna be a go-go dancer here, boy? You think just because you’re hired, you’re god’s gift to fags? Think you can show up with a swagger and get to dance on the front bar without earning your dues?” I grab his hair and pull his head back, and lick his jaw. He gasps softly. “You taste like fresh meat. You know what we do with fresh meat here?”
“We will eat you alive, unless you can fight for yourself. Make one wrong move and I will cannibalize you. This is my bar, the dancers are my bitches, and you will move about my pack as I please. Do you understand?”
“Yes what?”
“Y-y-yes sir.”
I grin. He is pushing a huge boner in those tight denim shorts of his. He’s gonna fit in just fine here. “You want to suck my cock, don’t you boy?”
“Fuck yeah,” he moans.
I push him to the floor and make him do it while the bartenders are watching, setting up for tonight. He’s good, very good. He is gonna be a threat to my hierarchy with a tongue like that. I will have to be diligent in keeping him under my thumb, and under my balls.

Text is fictional. Photo is from Cockyboys’ Project GogoBoy series. More pics and trailer for a threesome at the source.


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