hi, just wondering if you ever watched the movie ‘five dances’? when i watched it i was always thinking about you because of your tumblr, with the dance photos and all.. so, i don’t know if you’ll like it, but idk, it’s gay themed and it has dance, which i love. i liked it and the dances are really good and stuff. sorry to bother you if i ended up doing so or something, ahm.. bye πŸ™‚

Aww hello, you’re not bothering me. Thank you for the message. I did watch Five Dances – when I found out there was a gay ballet movie I got quite excited. The distribution was quite sparse so I ended up streaming it illegally (ssshh) online. I was really disappointed and let down by it. The dancing in it was beautiful, but the plot development was neglected; the story arc was thin, disjointed, and awkward. Five Dances had such incredible potential to be the next Weekend, too, so I was more frustrated at the waste of such a great plot than anything. It kind of ruined the film for me.

Edit: Here’s a list of films I recommend.


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